the {purl} project

Pearl [purl]: something precious or choice; of great worth Picture1 History of Northern Uganda Uganda has become known as the “Pearl of Africa,” as a result of Winston Churchill’s description of the land and wildlife. However, over the past 20+ years a war has ravaged Northern Uganda and has not only destroyed the land and wildlife, but more importantly the lives of the true pearls…the people. The Lord’s Resistance Army or LRA, a known rebel group has abducted more than 20 000 children since this war began. These children have become known as “child soldiers,” who are forced to carry heavy loads, find food, abduct more children, and fight against the Ugandan government. In addition to the grueling circumstances these children suddenly find themselves in; the girls are also used as sex slaves and given as “wives” for the commanders of the army. If they are able to escape or are rescued, they come home with the possibility of a having their own child, AIDS, etc. These girls and young women are true treasures found in the middle of tragedy; pearls that are created out of the pain and brokenness they have lived through. The {purl} project The {purl} project was created to find the hidden pearls in the oysters of pain and to remind them of their worth. Just as one seeks after a precious pearl, God seeks after each of his children. These necklaces serve as reminder that we are pearls of great worth, regardless of the brokenness we find ourselves in. Matthew 13:45-46, speaks of a merchant in search of a pearl of great value,

“…when he found one of great value, he went away and sold everything he had…”

A pearl has represented beauty and has been sought after for many centuries. It goes through a unique process to become what has been considered priceless and of great worth. Pearls are formed as a response to an irritant that finds its way into an oyster.  It is created out of a painful circumstance. Whether you are a girl in Northern Uganda or living here in Canada, we share the desire to know our true worth. God says we have been chosen…that we are His. These necklaces have been made locally by girls in Manitoba … sharing a common goal: to spread God’s love to the girls in Northern Uganda and to the girls in our own neighborhoods by reminding them of their worth and value. All proceeds go towards creating more necklaces to spread the message of the abundant love of the Father and the great worth of his pearls…of his girls.


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